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Technology Enabler For Non-Technical Founders

IINCORE Labs Inc is a pre-seed virtual incubator for non-technical founders, contributing business model and value proposition testing and validation, CTO services and a technical team for MVP prototype design and development, and go to market strategies.

How we can HELP

Our Servuces

Prototypes are essential in vetting the Idea. Although, typically thought of as storyboards, mockups and wireframes; IINCORE Labs’s, xCubator platform goes one step beyond to give you a working model in stipluated timeframe!

Building MVP

Your Minimum Viable Product Is Your Most Valuable Player. MVP's validate your idea and our team of experts will build & develop the MVP fast to adapt to the fast changing market

Fractional CTO

With 40 years of collective tech expertise, we provide Fractional CTO and Business Development services designed to accommodate the needs of young startups

Mobile Development

Mobile Development is our niche. We build mobile native & hybrid mobile apps.  Our Mobile Excellence team  will help building Enterprise Mobile apps, Gaming and in IoT

Data Science
Machine Learning

We provide actionable insights to the data by building iterative models. 

Blockchain Tech

We have our bets on Blockchain technology and we actively participate in ICO's and building Solutions on Smart Contracts. 


“IINCORE Labs Inc provided me with best of their services to convert my Idea into a sizable business. ”

Owner of RentZeal


Innovation is in our DNA

With over two decades of experience in business and technology we help you analyze and evaluate the riskiest parts of your business model.  We share our insights and work together as a team to streamline the execution.


IINCORE Labs technology team includes business entrepreneurs and technologists from Stanford, MIT, UT Austin, and other top business schools.

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